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Deacon Greg has presentations prepared on the following topics:


The Theology of the Church (Ecclesiology) (PowerPoint – Three 1 ½ hour sessions)

What is the Church - its Mission and its Origin? This presentation discusses the Marks of the Church, the Models of the Church, and more. How do we know that the Catholic Church is the Church established by Jesus Christ and that it has been faithfully teaching and applying the Good News for the very beginning? What is Church Authority and where does it come from? Presentation also includes a section called “Inside the Vatican.”


The Theology of the Eucharist (PowerPoint One or Two 1 ½ hour sessions)

What does the Church teach about the Theology of the Eucharist? This presentation includes: How to get more out of the Mass, Living the Sacramental Life, A Walk through the Mass, the Theology of Liturgy and more. 


Love & Responsibility (PowerPoint – Two 1 ½ hour sessions)

John Paul II’s work concerning the “Law of the Gift” will be presented as well as the theology of the Sacrament of Marriage. This mini-series is perfect for engaged couples, married couples and anyone thinking about marriage in the future. What is the fundamental basis of authentic love needed for an intimate life-long relationship? 


The Purpose Driven Life (PowerPoint - One 1 ½ session)

This session is based on Rick Warren’s best-selling book and enhanced by An Introduction to the Devout Life by Saint Frances De Sales. The Purpose Driven Life is a blueprint for Christian living in the 21st Century based on God’s eternal purposes. This session offers a distilled wisdom on the essence of what life is all about.


The History of the Church through the Ages (PowerPoint – Two 1 ½ hour session)

Learn the history of the Church from Pentecost through Vatican II. Know the culture & times that supported the Crusades and the Inquisition. Understand the conditions and events that led up to the Protestant Reformation. Knowing where we’ve been can help us see more clearly where we’re going.


Faith is Fundamental (PowerPoint – Two or Three 1 ½ hour sessions)

Does God exist? Do the latest scientific discoveries confirm or deny the need for a transcendent intelligent creator? Is the Bible the inspired Word of God, or simply an ancient myth?Did Jesus actually rise bodily from the dead? Are miracles possible? Is there life after death? These two sessions will help remove every ounce of doubt forever. Don’t miss these two dramatic, intriguing and life-changing sessions.


The Bible and Salvation History (PowerPoint – Two 1 ½ hour sessions)

Is the bible true? What are the main events of the Old Testament, and how are they meaningful and relevant in the 21st Century? Who are the real New Testament authors and what do they have to say to us today? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this exciting and fast-paced Bible Workshop. The Bible will come alive and mean more than ever through this fascinating study of “Covenant History”.


An Introduction to Catholic Apologetics (PowerPoint – Three 1 ½ hour sessions)

Want to know more about how to defend the Catholic Faith? Don’t miss this two-part Apologetics Workshop. What is the status of the Catholic Church today in the world and in North Georgia? Just what really separates Catholicism and Protestantism today?Why be Catholic? Know the Catholic Answers. Join us for a study of the history and mystery of religion in the 21st Century.


What Does the Church Teach About the End of the World? (PowerPoint - One 1 ½ hour session)

Do current events confirm that the Second Coming is eminent? What is the Rapture?Who or what is the Anti-Christ? Will our generation see the Great Tribulation?Will you be “Left Behind”? The Catholic answers to these questions may surprise you.


The Seven Secrets of Spiritual Success (PowerPoint – One 1 ½ hour session)

Spice up your spiritual life with the Seven Secrets of Spiritual Success. We will take your spiritual “vital signs” and develop a roadmap to “spiritual fitness” that will lead to the joy and confidence of spiritual success. You will make a special commitment on this night and “Choose the Sacramental Life”.


A Tour of the Holy Land (PowerPoint – One 1 ½ hour session)

Study the Gospel of Matthew while touring the Holy Land. See and learn about all the places you’ve only read about and dreamed of. This dynamic color slide presentation will make you feel like you have really been there, and being there will make the Gospels come alive.


The Christian Creed (PowerPoint – One 1 ½ hour session)

This Presentation is appropriate for “Catholics Returning Home” or the RCIA. Where did the Nicene Creed come from, what does it say about the core beliefs of Christianity, and what sets the Catholic Church apart.


Catholic Morality – The Ten Commandments and Their Significance in Today’s World (PowerPoint – Two 1 1/2 hour sessions)

The challenge of Christian Moral Living in today’s culture is incredible. This session provides insights into living Christian values and shows how Christian morality makes sense in contemporary life.


Inside Islam for Catholics (PowerPoint – Two 1 ½ hour sessions)

This presentation outlines the history and the fundamental beliefs of Islam – the Five Pillars. . It includes: Islam in the modern world, why Islam is growing in the West, the Koran, Islamic Fundamentalism, why many Muslims hate the U.S., what is Jihad? and more.


The Jewish Roots of the Mass (PowerPoint – Two 1 ½ hour sessions)

This session will bring you back to the Jewish roots of our faith – Jesus is the New Exodus, the New Manna and the New Bread of the Presence.  Learn about the Synagogue Service and the Liturgy of the Word, the Passover Meal and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Understand the Mass as a Sacrifice.  See the Mass in a whole new way, and Sunday mornings will never be the same. 


Chrsitian Morality and Medical Ethics (PowerPoint – Two 1 ½ hour sessions)

Our modern culture has tried to make wrong right and right wrong.

Come to these two revealing sessions and learn what the Church has to say about:

  • The 10 Commandments & their Significance in the 21st Century

  • Moral living in today’s world

  • Catholic Medical Ethics

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