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Epiphany Initiative

The Epiphany Initiative is named after the minor seminary that I attended during high school. Visiting the school - Epiphany Apostolic College - years later is what triggered the discernment of my vocation to the Diaconate.


The Epiphany Initiative is a ministry of evangelization dedicated to the apostolic commission - "Go and make disciples of all nations....baptizing them....and teaching them all that I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:19, 20).


This catechetical ministry is in keeping with the teachings of the Catholic Magisterium. It is intended to encourage, inspire, inform and challenge those seeking the Truth in a world of confusion.

Our Mission

The mission of the Epiphany Initiative is to help Catholics know, live and share their faith.  We believe that there is a crisis of adult catechesis today.  Many Catholics have learned their faith as children, and have not had the opportunity or resources to develop a mature faith. This makes it difficult for them to defend their faith when it is challenged.  Many adult Catholics have been convinced that the Catholic faith is a false interpretation of Scripture and have left the Church, joining a Protestant ecclesial community.  We believe that an immature catechetical faith foundation is the underlying issue in many of these cases.

Our ministry is to offer Catholic adults, or anyone seeking the truth about the Church, and it's consistent teachings and practices, a resource of solid adult faith formation materials.  It is free of charge and available anywhere anytime to anyone in video, audio and print electronic formats.

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